World Cancer Day


When is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4th February, a day that we would like it didn’t exist. That would mean that we would have ended with this damn “bug”. Cancer is a frightening disease that is diagnosed in more than 277,000 people a year in Spain, but it affects us all in one way or another.

For this reason, today we do not simply want to send a message of encouragement, union or support.

Fight Cancer

As Dr Robert Buckman wisely stated in his book, we should have in mind that CANCER is a word, not a sentence. What does that mean? That we should not take it as a punishment but, instead, focus on finding ways to regain control of our life and make the process less intimidating.

In Spanish, for example, the word “Cáncer” has the same number of letters as the word “Vencer”, which means “Overcome”. It is curious then, that this fearsome word “Cancer” embeds another brilliant and full-of-strength word: “OVERCOME”.

It is simple: if you will win, we all will win.

What is the symbol of the fight against Cancer?

Throughout the year, each type of cancer has its day of remembrance and is associated with a certain colour. The most widely known is pink, which is identified with breast cancer, but there are many other colours represented in shreds of fabric or the form of a bow. For example,

  • yellow is associated with childhood cancer
  • purple represents pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, and also represents people who have survived this disease
  • purple symbolizes cancer of the stomach or oesophagus
  • green represents liver cancer
  • bluish-green refers to gynaecological cancers
  • blue is the colour of those who suffer from colon cancer
  • orange is the colour in support of leukaemia and kidney cancer
  • black identifies with skin cancer
  • white with lung cancer

How can I join the fight against Cancer?

If you want to collaborate in the fight against cancer, you can participate in the “Solidarity Handkerchief” project. A scarf that was designed by Judit Mascó and Clàudia Valsells to raise funds for research against Women’s Cancer.

100% of profits go to research.


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