What is an Ayurveda glove for?


Let’s start by understanding what Ayurveda is

The word comes from Sanskrit and its meaning is the Science or Wisdom of Life. Ayurveda emphasizes good health and the prevention and treatment of disease. Through lifestyle practices, see health as more than the absence of disease.

Some of the practices of this lifestyle are massage, meditation, yoga and dietary changes, as well as the use of herbal remedies.

What is Ayurveda massage?

Ayurveda massage is a traditional massage from India. Essential oils are used following the guidelines of Ayurveda medicine.
Its purpose is to achieve the balance of the energies that flow between the body and the mind, commonly known as “dosha”. The friction exerted by the massage with Garshan gloves increases circulation oxygenates the cells and helps eliminate toxins.

Ayurveda massage techniques

Ayurveda massage is performed with rustic silk gloves and oil is applied all over the body, or in a specific part. The focus of the massage is on the applied oil and the body’s ability to absorb it. We show you how to perform an Ayurveda massage at home:

1. Start by massaging your head, then work your way down to your neck and shoulders.
2. Massage the body vigorously, performing long massages on the bones and circular massages on the joints.
3. Massage the chest area horizontally, avoiding direct massage over the heart area and nipples.
4. In the abdominal area, massage twice diagonally and twice horizontally.
5. In areas with fat accumulation, you can exert more force and spend more time on it.
6. After this massage, you can perform a massage with oil, preferably organic.

What are the Ayurveda silk gloves for?

This silk glove offers your face and body a dry traditional Ayurvedic massage. With it you will be able to refresh the skin tone, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation and fight cellulite, releasing accumulated toxins and increasing energy.

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