Vitamin N: soak up in nature


Vitamin N is our new fashion campaign, an editorial where we introduce you to our new collection of clothes and accessories for this fall-winter season.

Our soul is nourished when it gets in contact with nature.
Our vibration rises and we connect with our most animal side.

To live in nature is:
to walk in it,
sleep in it,
sail in it,
eat in it,
fish, run, swim…

This is how we get the dose of vitamin N we need to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

You don’t need superfoods. Only swimming in the sea, hiking, laying down on the grass, surfing or sitting on the shore.

Feel nature. Soak up in it.

New collection - Vitamin  N - Natura

Bindi vest -Vitamin N- Natura

Vitamin N -Natura

Vitamin N-Natura

Vitamina N-Natura

Mohana sweater-Natura

Vitamin N-Natura

Bindi jacket-Natura

Vitamina N-Natura

Pippi sweater-Natura

Discover the collection inspired by nature here.

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