Urgency in Burkina Faso


The humanitarian situation in Burkina Faso is more concerning than ever and is one of the most neglected in the world. One in five Burkinabe, that is 4.7 million people, require humanitarian assistance, and about one in ten, meaning 1.9 million people, have been internally displaced within the country (figures as of December 31, 2022). Currently, there are over two million displaced individuals.

Additionally, now in August, we are in the period known as soudure. A time when food begins to run scarce until the harvest in October. These are two tough months that, for many families, signify being unable to access food. The Food Security Cluster of OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) warns that, even with government and major NGO aid, around two million people will not be able to receive food assistance.




Aigua per al Sahel, the NGO with which we collaborate on the Water for Water project, is making an appeal to obtain the necessary aid and prevent, as much as possible, those two million people from going without food. And they tell us:

“Our partner in Burkina, AEVS (Association Eau de Vie Sahel), is asking us for help for the displaced people who have arrived in three cities: Arbolé (Northern region) and Nanoro and Boura (Central West), a total of 885 families. The idea would be to provide each family with 25 kg of cereal to get through this difficult period. Aigua per al Sahel is not a humanitarian aid association. However, due to the dire circumstances, this will be the fourth action we’re involved in to prevent hunger, and we’re asking for your help.”


If you would like to collaborate, you can make a donation to the bank account* of the NGO Aigua per al Sahel with the word HUNGER before September 5th. Account number: ES34 2100 3372 2822 00073524  

*Since Aigua per el Sahel is a Public Utility Entity, for donations up to 250 euros, the government will refund 80% of the donation.


Thank you to everyone who has reached the end of the post.

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