Thinking about Pleasure.


Pleasure, how can we define pleasure? It is a state of satisfaction and well-being that each of us experiences in one way or another. Pleasure can be associated with various activities, situations, or stimuli, although the stimuli that bring you pleasure may not be the same as those for your fifth-floor neighbor. We are sure of that. There are stimuli such as food, sex, physical contact, music, art, personal achievements… that often lead us to that state of pleasure.

Today, we present a list of what we, at Natura, could consider “universal pleasures.”

Note that this is only our point of view, so feel free to add some more. Leave your pleasure in the comments, and we will definitely add it to the list. Here we go!

1. The pleasure of saying “no.” Firmly refusing situations that don’t resonate or appeal to us feels wonderful.

2. The pleasure of eating without feeling any remorse.

3. The pleasure of watching a sunset until the last ray sets.

4. The pleasure of bathing naked (in the sea, of course).

5. The pleasure of sleeping and waking up without an alarm clock, feeling completely refreshed.

6. The pleasure of traveling (and if it’s without a return ticket, double pleasure).

7. The pleasure of not having to look at the time and going with the flow of what you feel like doing.

8. The pleasure of expressing your feelings without fear of the other person’s response.

9. The pleasure of feeling loved by the people you care about.

10. The pleasure of walking barefoot on a natural and pleasant surface (sand, grass…).

11. The pleasure of having a very pleasurable orgasm.

12. The pleasure of fighting for what you consider just.

13. The pleasure of feeling aligned with what you feel, think, and do.

And that’s our list. If you share your universal pleasures with us, we will continue sharing them from here:

This is where it will begin 🙂

Thank you!


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