The Natura Forest continues to grow alongside Saving the Amazon 🌳


Since last year, we have been collaborating with Saving the Amazon, an NGO that fights against the climate crisis through tree planting in the Amazon rainforest alongside indigenous communities. In 2022, we began creating the Natura Forest by planting 1,777 trees in the indigenous reserve of Tayazú.

You can see some of the data from this year of collaboration here.

Well, we write these lines with excitement because… the Natura Forest is growing! That’s right, this year we have just planted 960 new trees to offset our company’s CO2 emissions.

And you may wonder, why were 1,777 trees planted in 2022 and now 817 fewer in 2023? Well, one of our goals is to reduce our company’s CO2 emissions, and we have achieved that. Objective accomplished!

So, the Natura Forest now has 2,737 planted trees, impacts two indigenous communities, and has a CO2 capture potential (tons) of 3,925.


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