The importance of being grateful


One question that, if you haven’t asked yourself yet, you should ask yourself is: do I practice gratitude in my day to day? Gratitude is much more than thanking our neighbor when he opens the door for us or a friend when he does us a favor. Gratitude is a way of living. It’s living thanking all the good you have in your life, from a sunset to being thankful that one is alive. And you still wonder why it’s important to live in constant gratitude. Well, giving thanks connects us with an energy of abundance that brings us well-being. People who are grateful tend to be more optimistic, well connected with their environment, and live their lives more harmoniously.

Some exercises you can do to work on your gratitude:

1. Always keep a gratitude journal handy in which, at the end or beginning of the day, you can write down what you are grateful for that day. Think about people or experiences that have had a positive impact on you during the day. We recommend the Natura Gratitude journal, available in two sizes.

Natura's Gratitude diary

2. Try to call or email someone every day to thank them for something positive they have done for you.

3. If there is a moment that you feel overwhelmed by your health, try to be thankful for the abilities that you still have.

Live a full life and remember every day how lucky you are.

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