Street Child: Access to Education for Out-of-School Children in Liberia.


Today we received a beautiful email filled with photos and a powerful narrative from one of the two winners of the Natura XXVI Prize. After 6 months of activity with their project on access to education for out-of-school children in Liberia, Street Child shares this story with us:

Caregiver: Anne*
Beneficiary’s Name: Monen* 
Location: Liberia
Type of Business: puesto de mercado de frutas y verduras

(*names changed for safeguarding purposes)

Anne is a single mother who supports 7 children in her home. As part of the support provided by the Natura Award, Street Child assists Anne in enrolling Monen in school and facilitating the enrollment of two other children in primary education.

Monen moved to live with his grandmother 3 years ago; previously, he lived in another county with his mother. Street social workers identified Monen selling in the market while identifying vulnerable children during school hours.

Before receiving the grant from Street Child, Anne used to borrow fruit and vegetable stocks and sell them on her behalf. With the support of the Natura Prize, Anne has been able to establish herself as an independent trader and invest her own savings into her business.

Now she can purchase stock three times a week and sell it within two days, allowing her to replenish her market stall, save in her Street Child savings plan, and use the profits to support her family. She expresses gratitude for the support from the Family Business Officers and Street Social Workers:

“They are here every day, reminding you to take good care of your children, emphasizing the importance of education, encouraging you to sell every day, and supporting you in managing your business effectively.”

We are pleased to receive stories from direct beneficiaries of the Natura Award.

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