Photo shoot of our gift collection at Spahios



The best thing about a shoot is always what’s behind the cameras. The laughs, the owners of the locations we go to, the mess with the props and the fun that is generated.

A few weeks ago we shot the photos for our winter campaign for gift products. This kind of products always require us to have a nice space to place them in. Thanks to Spathios we were able to rent a perfect location for what we needed. A beautiful house in Valldoreix (near Barcelona) with kitchen, living room and outside.

Spathios is a platform for hourly rental of locations for shootings, events, etc…. Whatever you want! Through its search engine you can find the type of space you need and make a reservation. Once the owner gives the OK, the payment is made and you can start organising the activity you are going to carry out.

We have been very happy with the experience and with the beautiful photos we got. Here is a mini spoiler 🙂


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