Shaanti, the summer collection by Natura, and a journey through Portugal.


This summer, nothing can appeal to us more than living freely. Traveling to reconnect with ourselves. Flowing through life by stepping out of our comfort zone and living with the intensity that freedom provides us.

Today, we share with you a journey through Ericeira, Portugal, guided by Shaanti, an Australian surf lover who often travels across Europe in search of the best waves.

Let’s start with her recommendations for beaches:

Sao Juliao Beach

An extensive beach under a high cliff, south of Ericeira, on the border with the municipality of Sintra. It is one of the best beaches in the area.

Kiwi bag and Luau t-shirt

“When I see the first image or think about this beach, it takes me back to waking up from a beach nap induced by reading, dazed under the sun. And suddenly I think, ‘Is it already time for lunch?’ This, for me, is the definition of being on vacation.”⁠

Coxos⁠ Beach

A small but pleasant beach frequented by surfers. It is a fairly exposed beach, so it usually has big waves due to strong currents on the south side.

“We stayed watching the sea from the cliff. It was too rough to surf. We breathed in the salty air caused by the waves breaking just below us.”


Dos Pescadores Beach.

Located in the central area of the extensive sandy beach in front of Albufeira. As it has direct access from the city center, it is a slightly more crowded beach.

Indian towel

“A slow morning walk to a beautiful small beach next to the harbor. Swimming in the cold morning fills you with energy and makes you feel alive! Swimming is always a good idea.”

And to end the day, watching the sunset on the same beach accompanied by a Spritz.

Summer scarf

Shaanti talks about the pleasures that make her feel free:

Having ice cream after the beach while taking a stroll through Ericeira.

Talavera skirt

The pleasure of finding a good Acai bowl for the beach.

Luau t-shirt and Pipe skirt

The Golden hour through the window as soon as we arrive at our house in Ericeira.

Surprised by the incredible and unexpected views of the sea and amazed by the colors bouncing off the sun throughout the city in front of us. The absolutely perfect moment to open our first Super Bock (Portuguese beer).

Samira dress

All the photos are taken by Josh Barow

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