Routines vs Rituals


Difference between routines and rituals

A routine is something you do repeatedly. Mechanically. Almost automatic. It’s something you do and do and do… Without thinking at all. A ritual is something else. They’re actions that have a concret order. Actions that provide you calm, well-being, security… It’s something meaningful that makes you connect with the present.

Between a routine and a ritual…. We have it clear! Whether for your body or for your soul, it is preferable to stop and become aware of what we are doing. A beauty routine (you’ve seen a thousand influencers talking about it) is not the same as a beauty ritual. It’s not the same a routine to go to sleep or wake up than a ritual for the same.


Today we want to share with you several meaning and examples of rituals to take care of your body and soul consciously and from the present.

A ritual for your body

A ritual for your body

  1. Stand in front of a mirror in a quiet place. Light a candle and prepare, on a smooth surface, everything you will need for this ritual. We advise you to have on hand: a hairbrush, your serum and night cream, a facial massager to help penetrate the cream, a hand cream and a vaseline lipstick.
  2. Find a relaxing playlist. Some music that you like and takes you to a calm state. We propose Sade.
  3. Start brushing your hair while you observe yourself in the mirror. While you brush your hair, imagine that you are getting all the bad things of the day out of you. You only keep what it makes you feel good and you get rid of what you don’t need.
  4. Once you have your hair well-brushed, apply your serum and cream consciously. How? Analyze how your fingers touch the skin of your face while they are applying the cream. Apply it lovingly, pampering and caressing yourself.
  5. Take the facial massager of your choice and make movements to improve the penetration of the cream into your skin.
  6. Apply a little vaseline to your lips and focus on the movements that your lips make against each other to apply the lipstick well.
  7. We move on to the hands. We finish this ritual with the hand cream. Apply it and make movements passing it between your fingers for at least 4 minutes. Inhale and exhale. Relax and let your thoughts flow.
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A ritual for your soul

A ritual for your soul

Meditation for mindful tea

  1. First, look for a space that transmits you and provides tranquility, comfort and in which not being interrupted. Turn off your mobile phone and place what you will need to prepare the tea on a clear table.
  2. Put the herbs in the filter and add water slowly. As the tea infuses, bring your attention to your body posture. Stretch your back, roll your shoulders back and relax. Feel the sensations of your body.
  3. Inhale and exhale deeply two or three times. Let the air flow in and out of your nose as naturally as possible. Feel how the air brushes your nostrils and try to relax with each exhalation.
  4. When the infusion is ready, remove the filter, take the cup and note its temperature. Watch carefully how the tea moves and the smoke gives off.
  5. It’s time to try it. Take a small sip and become aware of how the liquid touches your lips. Put the focus on the temperature, humidity and any other sensations that appear in your lips and mouth.
  6. Drink again. This time it can be a bigger sip and notice how the tea goes down the throat, the heat, humidity, sound and how it disappears again. Each sip should be savored as if it were the first.
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Take care of yourself. Indulge yourself with any ritual that you will find in our collection of scents, infusions and bodycare.

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