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Our sweaters spent a day with the volunteers, workers, and animals of the Reserva Wild Forest. A non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitating and recovering wild animals affected by human impact. Injured, orphaned, or illegally captured animals that cannot return to the wild are given a second chance at semi-freedom at the Reserve while also helping regenerate eroded soil and educating about natural conservation.

A day during which we got to know the stories behind many of the animals at the Reserve thanks to María, the Reserve manager, and Belén and Lucía, two volunteers who have spent over two months with them.

We met Ofelia, Tennesse, Isis, Madroño & Bellota, María & Luisa, Mortadelo & Filemón…

Madroño: A victim of a road accident, he appeared with three of his siblings, and he was the only survivor. A family found him by the roadside and quickly provided warmth and food. Now he grows wild alongside his adoptive sister Bellota.

Knot sweater - Natura

Mortadelo & Filemón & Ofelia: During COVID, the owner of a riding stable passed away, leaving his animals without water and food, and no one knew. When they were found, they contacted the Reserve because of Ofelia, as being a guanaco, a wild camelid, she couldn’t be housed just anywhere. They also made room for Mortadelo and Filemón, two donkeys who are father and son, and they now roam freely in the forest. Ofelia has found her new family among the sheep.

Bilma sweater - Natura


Tricia sweater - Natura


Megan:She was a baby stolen from the forest, a case of wanting to help but not realizing the impact it could have. Megan was found with her siblings inside a pipe and was “rescued” as they were mistaken for puppy dogs. The rest of her siblings died, and when only she remained, a veterinarian corrected the mistake and found her a new home here at the Reserve.

Tricia sweater - Natura

Tricia sweater - Natura

Irlanda: This rooster, like many other hens and roosters, comes from a mass rescue at a supermarket chicken farm. Now, they graze freely every day in a one-hectare meadow, bask in the sun, and take sand baths accompanied by other rescued birds.

Telma sweater - Natura

Isis: He is a male Iberian deer who arrived at the Reserve with a complex leg fracture at just two months old. Due to this, he had to spend many months in intensive care enclosures to heal properly and eventually lead a normal adult life in the forest habitat. Now, he is an essential member of the deer group, always willing to cooperate and trust his caregivers.

Tennesse:This fallow deer was born in a zoo and couldn’t move his hind legs. That’s when a caregiver decided to bet on him and attempt rehabilitation. He spent months living with people in a house, but once he could walk, he came to the Reserve. Now, he roams freely in the 12-hectare forest habitat.

Terra cardigan - Natura

Primavero:Flora and Primavero came to them from a cooperative when they went to buy animal feed for the Reserve’s animals. They had just arrived because they weren’t wanted where they were born, and they thought someone could take care of them. That’s how these two turkeys arrived, helping daily with pest management in the garden.

Telma sweater - Natura

Thank you very much to the team for allowing us to accompany you on a day of work at the Reserve:

Bilma sweater - Natura

Bilma sweater - Natura

A day when even the animals fell in love with our sweaters.

Tricia sweater - Natura

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A day intense and beautiful in equal measure:

Thanks to the Reserva Wild Forest for letting us join them for a day of work.

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