Product ideas for traveling in July


Although it may seem unbelievable, July 2023 has just knocked on our doors. Already? We could say the classic phrase “how time flies,” but we prefer not to. July is a wonderful month. It’s true that the heat is a bit too much, but for many, July is synonymous with… vacations! Alright, yes, we admit it. We feel incredibly envious of those of you who are starting your vacations, but let’s be good and recommend the best products for a perfect vacation.

Are you going to the beach? Here’s our selection!

  1. Top Palawan with straps and an open back to keep you cool at the beach.
  2. The foldable chair is perfect for sitting on the sand near the shore and reading a book. Oh! You can store anything you want in its lower pocket.
  3. Take everything you need to the beach and make sure it doesn’t get wet with this waterproof bag.
  4. The headrest is the perfect accessory for stretching out on your towel and comfortably reading.
  5. Toe Flip-flops made with EVA material so they can get wet without any problem.
  6. A bag made from recycled polypropylene bags used in India for transporting cement. Its size is perfect for carrying everything you need to the beach.
  7. The pareo towel is perfect to wear as a skirt or dress and use it as a towel when you arrive at the beach.
  8. To the beach… Don’t forget a hat! And the basic wide-brimmed hat is perfect for protecting yourself from the sun.


Oh! Are you more into the mountains? We have some suggestions for you.












  1. The squared backpack is a very practical accessory for any trip.
  2. The LED lantern inspired by classic kerosene lamps is perfect as a camping light.
  3. Daku T-shirt. Comfortable and colorful.
  4. The carabiner flashlight provides the versatility you need in the mountains.
  5. Don’t go without my bottle! The Natura bottle will keep you hydrated whenever you need it.
  6. Aloha Neck Pillow. If you have to travel by bus or train to your destination, don’t forget to bring a comfortable neck pillow. Oh! It can also provide comfort in a mountain shelter.
  7. Polu Shorts, made 100% of cotton with an elastic waistband so you can jog in the mountains.
  8. The sandal with a back buckle securely holds onto your foot, allowing you to walk comfortably wherever you need to.
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