Notebooks to accompany you on your travels


Could you please translate this text into English: A notebook can be your best travel companion. Why? A journey is a collection of memories, experiences, and moments that will stay with you for a lifetime. We always travel with a notebook to jot down everything we experience. That way, while you travel, you can create a travel journal.

A travel journal can include all the memories you create. Anything has its place in the travel journal. Write a reflection at a specific moment, draw a building that caught your attention, paste the tickets from museums or musicals you’ve visited, or describe specific locations you’ve explored.

Write down everything you experience. Write or draw what inspires you about that place. This way, in the future, you can travel to it as many times as you want.

As a travel notebook, we recommend one with the following characteristics:

  1. Small and manageable size
  2. Always with a soft cover, as it will be easier to carry since it will weigh less
  3. White pages, as they give you the freedom to paste, draw, write… (although this point depends on personal preference ;))

We have a selection of notebooks that may suit you:

Oh! And here, we also declare ourselves fans of coming back from a trip and making a good selection of photos to print and keep in physical form. Yes, we enjoy making photo albums, we’re into the analog experience. If you’re like us, here’s the perfect album to collect the best photos from your last trip:

May the good memories last forever 🙂

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