New well in Burkina Faso financed thanks to the Water for Water project!


Montse, from Aigua per al Sahel, sends us photos of the well of Hielà, in Sissili, in the south of the country, and conveys the happiness of the local people.

We are very happy to see that, year after year, the Water for Water project continues to grow and raise money. This is thanks to all the people who contribute by buying bottles in our shops. Thank you!

And we would like to use this post to give visibility to one of the major problems that Burkina Faso is experiencing: terrorism in the north and east of the country. This is causing more than two million displaced people. One of the NGO’s aid workers in Burkina, Hubert, photographed a small caravan that arrived in Arbolé, north of Ouaga. They show how they have to leave their villages with their few possessions and leave behind the fields, their main source of food.

For a world without war!

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