New Natura’s uniform!


The new staff’s uniform has already arrived at our stores and we want to introduce it to you. A shirt and pants that combine comfort for our teams and comfort for you, so that you can find our employees as soon as possible.

It’s a 100% cotton t-shirt and pants, both in earth colors with which we feel very identified. The first time we have a two-piece uniform!

A white t-shirt with colored typography to provide a balance between elegance and joy through colour. Our brand symbol (the world globe) is on the back of the shirt, so you can identify us even from behind.
It’s made of BCI cotton, a sustainable cotton fiber that has a certificate that guarantees its cultivation and traceability, as well as responsible conditions regarding the environment and the rights of workers.

t-shirt of the new Natura uniform

t-shirt of the new Natura uniform from behind


Ecru pants with rubber so that it adapts comfortably to the body of each one.

Pants of the new Natura uniform

We hope you like as much as we do!

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