New Natura by Mariscal bag


To celebrate our 30th anniversary we wanted to do something special. You may already know that our bags change every 6 months and, yes, they are usually a reflection of how we feel. Some are more colourful, others are more serious and some have a social and vindicative purpose. What they always have in common is that we design them ourselves.

This year, we celebrate our 30th anniversary and we thought it would be interesting to see how someone we admire very much sees us. That’s why we contacted Javier Mariscal. His famous Cobi turns 30 this year, like us, and that seemed like the icing on the cake.

We went to his studio and chatted with him. We explained him a bit about how we are, what we love and what we dream about. And, yes, we left it in his hands.

Natura by Mariscal

Natura by Mariscal

From this dialogue with him came the Natura 30 years bag by Mariscal. The first Natura bag made by an artist. The first bag that we leave in the hands of an outsider. And happy, very happy, to see that Javier Mariscal sees us as a chaotic but colourful world in which animals, plants and people live together in harmony.

Thank you Javier!

This bag is a limited edition print that you will find in our shops during the month of June whilst stocks last. They will be delivered with every purchase, and there is an original that he gave us personally last week in his studio.

Natura by Mariscal

Natura by Mariscal

Natura by Mariscal

If you are a fan of Mariscal, of the bag or simply want to do your bit for the Natura Award, then take part in our charity auction to get your hands on the original. All the money raised in the auction will go to the Natura Award.

Thank you for being part of Natura.

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