Nature has something to tell us


If January absorbs us with New Year’s purposes and the return to the routine, February also has its own thing: it’s the shortest month of the year! Yes, it’s true: this year is a leap year and we will have one more day … but it’s still shorter! Obligations exceed us and our rhythm accelerates.  🏃‍♀️

But wait a moment … yes, it’s just a moment… think if you could say what color the sky is today … Blue (you will say without thinking too much), ok, easy, but what about the clouds? And the sun? Don’t strain because YOU CAN’T! But surely your mobile notifications are up to date, right?

The obsession with social networks, likes, trends, physical appearance … all this has encouraged us to design our new bag. Just what you see: nature is speaking to us … and what it tells us … does it make you reflect as much as we do? Where was the time to enjoy the real little things? What happened to us? Are we losing our north? Life is other thing! Life is surround ourselves by people who make us happy, is to go to the mountain to breathe fresh air, is to stop depending on screens … is to live!

We leave you the video so you can see in detail our new bag:

PD: Did you see who has returned? 🐻 Yes! No one better than Natura’s bear to guide us in the REconnection with nature. Will you join up? 😉

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