Natura & Saving the Amazon

We started writing this post with a huge smile. Why? Because we are thrilled to announce that we have started a new collaboration with Saving the Amazon. Saving the Amazon is an NGO that fights against the Climate Crisis through the preservation of the Amazon by planting native trees together with local indigenous communities of the tropical rainforest.
But, why the Amazon jungle? Because it is the largest region of tropical forest on the planet and is of vital importance for life on Earth. It is the largest tropical forest on the Earth, with around seven million km2. It can be said that this is a fantastic natural sanctuary:
  • it is in charge of regulating the rains of all America. The Amazon is a great precursor of water since the Amazon River and its tributaries supply more than 20% of river discharge to the oceans. At the same time, vegetation acts as the engine of global atmospheric circulation.
  • it is the most biodiverse place in the world. It has a vast jungle where the most extensive amount of biodiversity on the planet is found: 33% of animal and plant species on Earth.
  • it is the most important carbon sink in the world, where 10% of the global stock of stored carbon can be found.
  • it is home to more than 350 indigenous communities and home of a large number of indigenous groups. These groups are owners of ancestral dialects and, for years, have been the guardians of the Jungle and are the living example of how humans should coexist with our Earth.
At Natura, we started collaborating by planting 1,777 trees in the Great Indigenous Reservation of Vaupés, offsetting the CO2 emissions that we generate as a company.
Read more about Natura`s commitment.
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