Natura by Tati Sokolowski


Today we want you to meet Tati Sokolowski, the illustrator behind the Natura by Tati Sokolowski stationery collection. A collection inspired by balance, yoga, and a life in contact with nature.

1. Who is Tati Sokolowski?

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied fashion and textile design. After finishing university, I moved to Chile, where I currently reside on the southern coast.

I started working in fashion and, after a few years, decided to find a more balanced path between what I love to do and the lifestyle I was leading.

I spent some time in Barcelona, where I studied professional illustration, and now I work as an illustrator and artist. I create artworks, textile prints, and various illustrations for brands worldwide.

I have a great attraction to soft colors and, above all, nature, where I find the perfect balance and inspiration to carry out my work.

I am constantly searching for what inspires me and shapes my work: simplicity, surfing, nature, and being in constant motion. My watercolors are characterized by tranquility. Everything that generates a state of well-being represents my constant quest for that balance.




2. What does illustration mean to you?

It is putting into images, colors, and shapes what the mind imagines… It is a way to beautify ideas.

3. What inspired you in this collaboration with Natura?

I was inspired by the art of yoga, the practice of a long and healthy life, and physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I focused on giving each yoga pose a special character, a personality for each character. I am interested in people having an original yoga routine so that they can practice and incorporate yoga into their daily lives. Each pose represents a bit of my world, memories that I have collected from each trip, the things I like and that bring me pleasure.


4. What is your motto or life motto?

  1. Happiness, as a result of great intentions, sincere efforts, and intelligent execution. It represents the wise choice among many alternatives: choice, not chance, determines your destiny.
  2. Embracing a slow, simple lifestyle allows you to have time to enjoy the signs, the senses, the tastes, and the sounds we seek.
  3. Being eternally curious and not being afraid to make our own path.
  4. Finding beauty in simplicity, being present in our own lives. Creating moments that will be treasures forever, enjoying the journey.

And we conclude this interview with the beautiful intervention that Tati did on July 17th in our Natura Paseo de Gracia showcase in Barcelona that you can see here.

Thank you, Tati, for your time and for this beautiful collaboration.

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