These are the winners of the XXVI Natura Award!


Do you know what’s our Natura Award?

The Natura Award is an acknowledgement and a sign of admiration towards all those projects and people who work day after day in order to create a positive impact somewhere in our world. We have been supporting more than 70 projects since 1994.

We are very excited to have celebrated the XXVI edition. We are very happy because more than 130 NGOs and foundations have submitted their projects to change the world.

Meet the winner:

Street Child España

Access to education for street children in Liberia.

Street Child España

The aim of the project is to give access to good education to boys and girls who are on the street or at risk of abandoning their studies in Liberia. Help families prioritize education and strengthen it in their communities.

The beneficiaries of this project are 80 boys and girls.


Fundación Rode

Support for the first marine protected area in the Ivory Coast.

Fundación Rode

The aim of the project is to support the management of the Grand Béréby Marine Protected Area to stop the decline of marine biodiversity, the overexploitation of fishing resources and improve the living conditions of coastal populations. Contribute to the conservation of sea turtles and other threatened species and the development of responsible economic activities for the benefit of the local population.

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