Madeleine Bulgin & Natura


Madelaine Bulgin is the founder of the authentik, a space for ideas and inspiration that strives to nurture imagination in everyday life. She lives in Sydney with her husband Jake and their two daughters, Olive and Dot, in a large mid-century house nestled between the mountains and the beach. Part of our summer collection has traveled to Sydney to accompany her in her daily life and see how she feels free.

Madeleine & Marea dress

Madeleine & Arrecife dress

Dot & Embroided tunic for kids & Capri bag


“Among the things I enjoy doing the most and that make me feel free, I would highlight: buying second-hand or vintage pieces, collecting furniture and objects, rearranging my house, and… being a bit lazy at home.”


“Oh! And going for walks in our old yellow car, a ‘TONKA’ Pajero that takes me and my family through nature.”

Madeleine & Samira dress

Madeleine & Samoa dress


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