Júlia Juste living free in Menorca


Another place in the world where Júlia Juste, from Outliers, feels free is Menorca. A more pristine and “modest” island compared to its neighbors Mallorca and Ibiza. From this unique spot in the Balearic archipelago, she tells us about those special places for her. The ones where she feels most herself.

In this trip to Menorca, I wanted to revisit places I already know to enjoy them again. Go to the beaches and restaurants I always go to, which hold very good memories for me.

First stop: Chiringuito es Bruc, at Santo Tomás beach

How to get there

Es Bruc is a beach bar with plastic tables and chairs right by the sea. When I was a teenager, I used to come here in the summer to stay at a friend’s house nearby, and we would often come to eat here. As soon as I walked in, I ran into her parents. The food is simple, they don’t aim to innovate or be more than a beach bar. I enjoy discovering new places, but sometimes you just want that tomato salad and grilled squid from the usual spot.

Júlia is wearing our Soles dress and linen bomber jacket.

Second stop: Cala Rotja

It’s the little sister of Caballería, located in the northern part of the island of Menorca, in the municipality of Es Mercadal.

How to get there.

How to get thereOne of my favorite beaches because of the contrast of colors: the terracotta red of the land, the green of the shrubs, and the blue of the sea. I think it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in our country. That day, we had a late breakfast and decided to bring some mussels and cockles to the beach. I always try to plan around discovering some new restaurant during my trips. On the contrary, we let ourselves be guided by the passing hours. There weren’t many people since the neighboring beach is more comfortable for sunbathing. We swam naked, read, talked, and snacked on the little food we brought. I’m changing the lists of what I want to see and discover on my trips for what I want to feel.

Júlia is wearing the Kahakai shorts and the  Cabanna vest.

Bonus track: Bar Imperi in Ciutadella

How to get there

It’s a historic and amazing tapas bar. Bar Imperi opened in 1941 and is widely known in Ciutadella as one of the best places for breakfast. Their star sandwiches:

  • Sobrasada and Honey (with optional Mahón Cheese)
  • Cuixot with melted Mahón Cheese
  • Spanish omelette

Júlia is wearing the Samoa dress.

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