International Peace Day


International Peace Day 2022 at Natura

On September 21st, International Peace Day is celebrated around the world thanks to the United Nations. It is a date dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace, through non-violence and ceasefires.

At Natura we want to join this day in 2022 through a collaborative action in our shops. Yes, collaborative, because our sales assistants, customers or anyone who walks by can participate. It is about collaborative murals where we want each person to leave their message of peace. Whatever it is. Whatever you feel. But we want to unite all our energies to make the world a place without war.


International Peace Day activities

You can find the murals from September 19th to the 24th . Stop by your nearest Natura shop and leave your message.

Here are some photos of the murals in some of our shops:

International Peace Day 2022 at Natura

 Collaborative action in Natura stores

International day of peace

We have also been encouraged in our headquarters 🙂

International day of peace

More love, please.

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