How to learn to live in freedom


To be. To feel. To express. To decide. To enjoy. To see. To love. To change. To think. To like. To believe. To travel. Verbs that may seem basic to us in our daily lives but that don’t exist for many people in the world.

Do you consider living without being yourself?
Without feeling or expressing what you want and think?
Living without enjoying what you like?
Without deciding how you want to live and how not?
Without seeing what you want and loving who you want?
Living a life where you are not allowed to change your mind or think freely?
Where you are told what to believe and prohibited from traveling?

Many people in the world cannot live freely due to the state, family, or external factors. Many others live in a world where they would be allowed to live in freedom but have another enemy: their mind. The mind, sometimes, plays tricks on us and doesn’t let us live freely.

Discover 7 steps to live in freedom.

1. Know my purpose

Ask yourself many questions, and you will surely find answers. Why am I here? For what? What is my mission in this world? How can I serve others while learning and sharing the experience of life? Once you find your purpose, it will be easier to live the way you want to live and not as society imposes on you.

2. Know my values

It is essential to know what role I want to play in life. There are many options. I can choose to compete, not compete, dispute, fight, cheat… different roles according to your life values.

3. Learn to silence myself

Total freedom is achieved when you are not conditioned by unnecessary noise. Both the outside (excess of information and constant inputs) and the inside. Learning to silence ourselves and simply “being” is what can lead you to a state of complete freedom.

4. Learn to let go

Throughout life, we store learning and experiences. Many positive but others negative. We also have limiting fears that chain us and do not let us live in freedom. That is why it is important to learn to free up space on the hard drive to allow the new to enter.

5. Focus on the simple

We usually live with many bindings or preconceived ideas: having and owning more money, achievements… forgetting to be, to live. It is possible to live exactly the opposite: first “being,” to “do” from there, and then “having.” Eliminating everything superfluous brings many benefits, including having more space available to enjoy life.

6. Observe and then exist

Live judging less and contemplating more. Sometimes we judge ourselves excessively. Why am I thinking this, why did I behave like this or that… Flow, live, observe, and accept. That will help you feel at peace and freedom.

7. Be grateful

The last step is basic to achieve internal freedom. Be thankful at all times and for everything, even when things are not going well according to our criteria. With a little practice, you can experience an internal state of fullness, serenity, and balance.

Come on! Encourage yourself to put these 7 steps into practice and… live free!

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