How to clean reusable water bottles


A reusable bottle is the best option for the planet but… Be careful! It is important that you clean and washes it properly so as not to accumulate dangerous micro bacteria on them. If you are one of those who have already switched to reusable bottles… pay attention! As this article may be of your interest. Today we tell you how to clean a water bottle inside to ensure that it lasts much longer in perfect conditions.

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What do you need to clean a metal water bottle?


– Mild dishwashing soap

– Water


Deep cleaning:

– Vinegar

– Sodium bicarbonate

– A bottle cleaning brush

How to clean the inside of a bottle?

1. Use soap and water (also vinegar for deeper cleaning)

Whenever possible, use soapy water*. To clean the stainless steel bottles, use non-abrasive scouring pads and utensils with vegetable fibres such as luffa or esparto grass.

To do a thorough cleaning, once a week use baking soda or vinegar dissolved in water. Mix a glass of water with one or two tablespoons of white vinegar and let the mixture sit in the bottle overnight. Upon contact, an effervescent reaction occurs and this helps remove stains from the inside of your bottle. We recommend this deeper cleaning if you have used your bottle to transport drinks such as coffee or tea.

*Don’t forget to clean the bottom of your bottle. To clean it correctly, it is recommended that you use a bottle-cleaning brush that reaches all corners. This will help remove any remaining dirt from the sides and bottom of the bottle.

2. Try to wash it by hand

Many of them are not compatible with the dishwasher, so it is important that you wash them by hand so that they last longer.

3. Dry the bottle upside down and store it without a swell cap

To avoid humidity problems inside your bottle, we recommend that you always dry it upside down and uncovered. Once it has dried you can store it. Avoid doing it with the swell cap on.

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How often to clean stainless steel water bottles?

Ideally, you should clean reusable water bottles every day. Exactly! Just as you clean your plates, cutlery or cups after using them, you should clean your reusable water bottle. Try to clean your stainless steel bottle every morning or every night and it will be in perfect condition for many years.


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