Goodbye Irrational Fears: a Burning Ritual by Natura


This story begins in our offices. Monday, a creative meeting that leads to a challenge. A challenging goal to achieve: to eradicate irrational fears from the face of the Earth. Those uncomfortable, paralyzing, and limiting fears that don’t allow us to live freely. We hate them!

To erase them, it was necessary, first, to capture them. To take them out of your minds and gather them. That’s why we filled our more than 200 stores with boxes where you could deposit each of your unpleasant fears to bid them farewell forever.

We captured 20,145 fears.

Once captured, how do we get rid of them? We came up with a plan. On June 23, the night of San Juan, we headed to the beach to perform a burning ritual led by Yasmina.

20.145 fears that we bid farewell to forever.

If you deposited any of your fears in our stores… You can now say goodbye to them forever.

Live free.

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