Gift ideas to celebrate April birthdays


We are Natura and when it comes to gifts, we’ll never let you down. So if April is the month of birthdays for you, we’ve got some gift ideas for people born in this month. According to the zodiac, people born in the fourth month of the year are optimistic, cheerful, adventurous, impulsive, and quite independent.

Let’s go with some gift ideas!

Gift Ideas: April


  1. Luau t-shirt: A T-shirt with a cheerful and daring print. Perfect for people who like to party.
  2. World medal necklace:  People born in April are eager to see the world. What better way to always carry it with you 😉
  3. Travel pillow: No trip without your cervical pillow! The perfect gift for those who will spend hours on the road.
  4. Natura Cap: You need to be prepared for adventure, and the Natura cap is the perfect accessory.
  5. Zodiac cones: Each zodiac sign has a scent. Discover the one for people born in April.
  6. Tie Dye backpack: An independent person wants to carry everything they need (and more, if it’s in a full-color backpack).
  7. Natura Sport bottle: The perfect-sized bottle can be the companion we all want on our next adventure.
  8. Sneaker Canvas:  If you’re traveling the world, be well prepared.

Finally, we recommend the Natura scent for April: palo santo, sage, and incense.

Oh! And if you were born in April or know someone who has a birthday this month and don’t recognize yourself (or them) in this description, don’t worry, it’s fantastic. You’re sure to find ideas on our website or in our stores, and if not, go for a gift card. That way, you’re sure to get it right.

And to finish, if you were born in April and landed on this post in April: HAPPY BIRTH

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