Garden of Joy: A collection inspired by the flowers of India.


Carnations, white jasmine, marigold, and gerberas are transformed into colorful prints to adorn cotton blouses, scarves, handbags, and jewelry. A collection that invites us to enter a dreamy garden where we can breathe in the beautiful scents of plants and flowers.

Clothing with Indian prints is known for its vibrant and colorful designs, reflecting the rich culture and tradition of the country. Floral prints are very common in Indian clothing, especially in dresses and kurtas. The designs are usually very detailed and colorful, often featuring lotus flowers and roses.

Garden of Joy - Natura

Today we present Garden of Joy by Natura:

Dahlia Blouse - Natura

Dahlia blouse

Metali Blouse - Natura

Metali Blouse

Calendula Blouse - Natura

Calendula blouse

Indian Tote Bag - Natura

India tote bag

Flowers necklace - Natura

Stones and golden beads necklace


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