Facial wellness with Carolina Mazzoni


At Natura we have many products for the well-being of our face. Many of them come in diverse shapes, colors, and uses. That is why today, Carolina Mazzoni, an expert in facial well-being, explains the purpose of each one and proposes a routine.

Before we begin, we have a question for you: do you know what the lymphatic system is and what it does?

Our lymphatic system cleanses our tissues, protecting our body from invaders that cause disease, absorbing fats from the digestive tract, and eliminating cellular waste. It is our immune system, our first line of defense, our internal support. Without it, we would have a toxic overload, and it wouldn’t be long before disease set in. On the face, toxic overload can manifest as rashes, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. That’s why it’s important to activate the lymphatic system.

Many of our wellness accessories serve just that purpose: to massage our face regularly for better well-being that will lead to more beauty on our face.

Carolina explains to us why she recommends each one of them and how to use them. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Cleanse the skin.

For this, she recommends:

Bamboo headband

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A bamboo fiber headband with a towel-like texture to use when removing makeup or applying facial treatments without getting your hair dirty.

“This product is perfect and necessary to avoid getting your hair messy during a facial routine. It helps clear the hair away from the face and work freely on the forehead and temples.”



Facial cleansing brush

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A facial cleansing brush made of bamboo and very soft nylon bristles. It has a practical cord to hang it up after use and dry perfectly.

“I love this product because it can be used dry by gently passing it over the skin. It’s like a massage with absolute delicacy that brings a glow I call ‘radiant skin’. We bring sensitivity to the highest level of skin. It can also be used wet with soap for a good cleanse. Once wet, we would make circular motions to clean the skin.”


“And the wonderful thing is that it’s also a Guasha tool. A very complete product.”










Step 2. Activate the muscles and lymphatic system to promote drainage.

To work on the eye area, she recommends:

Mini eye roller

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It promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and dark circles.

“This accessory is perfect for relaxing the brow, which is very important. We start by using the handle to make acupuncture points along the brow. The idea is to press and release, press and release… The pressure is applied with the massager handle, and with the other hand, hold up the muscle. Press without causing pain.

When we get to the end of the eyebrow, we perform an activation to erase expression lines. And then to relax, we will use the other side, the end with the ball that we will run through the entire eyebrow until we reach the temple. We will do this two or three times. Then we will move to the lower eyelid. We run the massager over the entire eyelid to the temple. But be careful! The skin should not be dragged. With the other hand, we will hold the skin to avoid dragging it.”

To drain and contour, she recommends:

Face sculptor

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Help calm and reduce the appearance of tired and puffy eyes by gently massaging the delicate eye area with this metal roller. It can also be used on the cheeks, forehead, and jawline to give your skin a beautiful glow. Massaging your face with the roller will help tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

“To use, place the chin in the middle of the two balls of the accessory and anchor the other hand. Follow the entire jawline to the ear, working the front and back of the ear for good drainage. Continue working from the chin towards the ear, but above the jawline until reaching the eye. Always remember to anchor the skin with the other hand to avoid dragging. Move to the forehead and make downward to upward movements. You’ll find it very pleasurable. You can even take a little bit of the eyebrow, always being very careful with the eye. Finally, move down to the neck to finish by relaxing the muscles.”


Gua sha

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The facial massage with a Gua Sha stone is an ancient technique originating from Asia. It is a soft stone that works by releasing toxins, activating blood flow, and circulation.

“Its three parts make it a very versatile accessory that can be used according to our anatomy. With the heart-shaped part, we can work on the contour line of the face and the muscular part of the neck. With the flatter part, you can work on the lower and upper parts of the eye. Use the lower part from the inside out and the upper part from the outside in, being able to turn it completely.”











Lollipop facial roller

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Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thereby reducing swelling and dark circles.

“It is perfect for good drainage and activation. We will start with the neck to activate the lymph and continue to the double chin (very important to work on). We will continue along the jawline and pause to work on it. Open your mouth slightly and make circular movements to work on the mandibular area. We continue with the rest of the face.

But beware! The handle can also be very helpful. It will serve to treat those areas that are more tense (that will depend on the week). We hold the skin with the base hand and move the handle over the tense areas.”












Step 3. Calm and soothe the skin to seal the pores. For this, we recommend:

Double jade and quartz facial roller

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“We apply the moisturizing cream and then use the roller. I use it to set the product and to finish any type of treatment. Previously, we activated the muscles and the lymphatic system, and to calm down, we use the roller. The pore that was very active will close to maintain hydration. We should work more superficially. We can use the small part to relax the eye and the larger part for the rest of the face and neck.”

We hope we have clarified any doubts you may have had and remember… think about the well-being of your body and greater beauty will come. Feeling good on the inside shows on the outside.

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