XXVI Natura Award: the ceremony


Today, November 7th 2022,the awards ceremony for the XXVI Natura Award took place in our offices. For us, this day is an amazing day. Because we get to know the people behind each winning project.

This edition’s winner are:


Street Child España with a schooling project for boys and girls in Liberia.

Street Child España,  Nature Award winners

Its team has collected the award and they have explained us how they work day by day to mitigate the barriers that exist in some countries for boys and girls to access education. They have also left us a card signed by the team as a sign of appreciation for the award.

Street Child España helps the schooling of children in Liberia Street Child España, Nature Award winners


Fundación Rode with a project to support the first protected area in the Ivory Coast.

Fundación Rode,  Nature Award winners

Their team has come to our offices from Pamplona and the Ivory Coast (thank you for traveling from so far!). Meeting them has been very enriching since they have told us how an environmental project affects the social sphere of the communities that reside in the area.

Soon we will update you regarding both projects.

Congratulations to the winners!


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