Black Friday 2022 is here!

Do you know what Black Friday means?

Black Friday is a day (or several) full of offers and discounts on electronics, fashion, home, accessories, gifts … It is an American tradition that is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. The “Black Friday” name has its origins in Philadelphia, because that Friday was the day with the most heavy traffic of the year.

We celebrate Black Friday 2022 at Natura?

Yes! This year at Natura we are going to have 20% off our entire fashion collection*: clothing,footwear, homewear and accessories.

When does Black Friday 2022 starts at Natura? How many days does Black Friday last?

We know that every year it is more difficult to understand when the Black Friday sales start and when they end, but we are going to try to make it easier for you. This year you will find Black Friday sales from November 25 to November 27.

.What Black Friday deals could you find in our stores (online and at stores)?

This year, at Natura, we have tried to offer you the best Black Friday deals. You can find a 20% off on clothing and accessories. As we said … you have to pay attention! These Black Friday deals will be applied from November 25 to 27.


*with the exception of solidarity products and jewellery.

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