Bindi Drop: Inspired by Hindu tradition.


Do you know what Bindi is?

It is a red symbol that thousands of Indians paint on their foreheads every day and signifies “the reactivation of our inner energy”. The word bindi comes from the Sanskrit bindu, which means ‘drop’ or ‘dot’.

It is painted between the eyebrows as this is where the sixth chakra, the famous third eye, is located. It is the eye that allows us to see things that the other two cannot see. This sixth chakra, called the Ajna chakra, is a fundamental energy centre. Intuition, clairvoyance and instinct are located here.

The “bindi” capsule consists of five garments inspired by Hindu tradition and the power of our inner energy. Garments full of floral motifs that refer us to the rebirth from within.

Bindi vest

Bindi jacket

Bindi shirt

Long sleeve Bindi shirt

Bindi dress

Discover the new Bindi collection

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