August in the city can be fun


August is the month when cities (and offices) seem to empty. But… there are many of us who don’t leave the city: studying, working or simply living the city in August.

Natura doesn’t stop, we keep on working

Today we want to share with you a part of the office team, the warehouse team and the shops team that will be working this August. They represent all those people who are still working in August. Because we believe that August in the office is not synonymous with boredom or envy when you see the photos of all your Instagram contacts on vacation. Working in August can mean having fun and enjoying the city. Just tell that to:

María, from the ebussines department.

Pauline, from the fashion department.

Jordi, from the franchising department.

Marta, from the shopping department.

Jeni, from the commercial department.

Jordi, our photographer.

Gerard, from the online warehouse.

Eva, from the retail department.

Alba, from the communication department.

Uri, pattern maker in the fashion department.

Marta, from the communication department.

Georgina, from the gift purchasing department.

Emma, our graphic designer.

Raquel, from the HR department.

Isa, from the commercial department.

If you are one of them…. you are not alone this August! Share your photo with us (if you feel like it) by sending it to and show us that your August in the city is as cool as ours.

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