Aloha Spirit collection and Ella Tubman’s surf style


Aloha Spirit collection

Surf style garments feature our new collection: Aloha Spirit. A capsule inspired by our passion for the sea and respect towards nature. A capsule that invites us to go to the sea in autumn and winter: to surf, swim… or just stay on the shore watching the ocean and feeling good.

Meet Ella Tubman. If you didn’t know her, you can start following her. She is an Australian photographer who has been surfing since she was 16 years old. She represents the Aloha Spirit:

“I do a lot of surf photography so I spend a lot of time on the beach meeting new people and…. I love it! In my spare time I like to make little pieces of art, cook vegan food or surf.”

Women’s surf style clothing

Ella in the Mohana sweater and the Sun knitted hoddie at Kirra Beach, Gold Coast:

jumper Mohana- surfer clothes - NATURA

Jumper Sol- surfer clothes - NATURA

jumper mohana - surfer clothes - NATURA                         jumper sun - surfer clothes - NATURA

Ella with our Makai hoodie and sneaker canvas in Gold Coast:

jumper Makai- Surf style-Natura

jumper Makai- Estilo surfer- Natura















jumper Makai-Natura                                sport shoes canva-Natura

Ella with the striped polo shirt at Churchill Street, Gold Coast:

Polo stripes-Surf style- Natura

Polo stripes - Surf style- Natura

Ella with the Ganges cardigan and the Ganges top:

Surf style-Natura

Surf style-Natura

Ganges cardigan Natura            Ganges top


Discover the Aloha Spirit collection on our website and in stores. And remember that you can have fun outdoors in autumn and winter too!

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