Agua por Agua: water to Burkina Faso


World Water Day is celebrated next month and we want to share some details of our project, Agua por Agua, started in 2012. And why now? Because withouth noticing, we are achieving numbers as:

agua por agua











agua por agua












In case you don’t know about the project: Agua por Agua started in 2012 to raise funds for the NGO Aigua pel Sahel, which works in Burkina Faso, approaching potable water to communities who had to walk kilometers to get it. It’s so easy to collaorate: buy a bottle of water for 1€ and 50€ of the value goes directly to the NGO.

Burkina Faso keeps needing this project as active as possible.

agua por agua in Burkina Faso

We finish this post with a video sent by the NGO where you can see a new well pomping out water for the first time. It’s exciting!

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