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Last Monday, March 13, Fundació Aura and Natura jointly held a workshop with great artists: some of the foundation’s users. The goal was for each one to express, through the visual arts, what freedom is. Wow! What a challenge. Such an ethereal, abstract and somewhat diffuse concept to put color and shapes to. Not easy!

Fundació Aura and Natura

Fundació Aura and Natura

Fundació Aura and Natura

Fundació Aura and Natura

Freedom from Natura and Fundació Aura

Joel, Berta, Genís, Rubén, Ignasi, Alex, Judit, Tamara, Claudia, Teresa, Raúl, David, Laia, Miquel, and Anabel participated in the workshop. Fifteen brave people who faced the blank sheet to give shape to abstraction. In the workshop, they explained to us through their works the creative process and what they told us about how they see freedom.
We present them to you!

Quiet and meticulous at work, he showed us that he feels comfortable working with clean and curved strokes where color is important. He told us that he loves to dance, and a little bird told us that he will soon start working as a waiter.

Freedom by Joel

A perfectionist and committed to her works sought perfection throughout the creation process. A fan of country dancing, she made it clear that she prefers to draw defined shapes and not so much abstraction.

Freedom by Berta

Laughing, laughing, and laughing with his companion on the right (with whom he also does theater). Together they commented on their great works of art endlessly and helped each other with some advice on how to combine colors.

Freedom by Genís

He plays the violin, goes to theater classes, and loves to swim. According to what we saw in his works, freedom is expressed with the color orange (his favorite) and swimming (whether in the sea or in a pool).

Freedom by Rubén

Quiet and observant, he started somewhat shy with paper and color and ended up freeing himself in the process. We went from brown colors and timid shapes to bolder strokes full of primary colors.

Freedom by Ignasi

A lover of classical music. He recommends that we listen to Chopin’s Nocturne in B-flat minor to calm down, relax and feel free. “If I’ve had a bad day, I always put it on at night and relax.” He loves string instruments and says that if he sees a viola, he is hypnotized. As if he were in love.

Freedom by Alex

A creative whirlwind. She talks to us about impulsiveness, which is part of her freedom. Her colleagues call her the girl of fire. She knows that if she had to define herself with one of the four elements, it would be fire, for sure. That is why her work represents her element.

Freedom by Judit

A lover of collage, and therefore, it is the technique she used the most for her creations. She talked to us about how she wanted to capture freedom through a painting where the figures escape from it.

Freedom by Tamara

Sitting next to Laia, they supported each other at all times. She found inspiration in the sea and the movements of her body to unblock herself and flow in the creative process.

Freedom by Claudia

More comfortable painting standing up. And it’s because sometimes you need that to flow freely, flow. She did it well. How? Working standing up and moving around the canvas and space. Oh! But without invading Claudia’s, of course;)

Freedom by Laia

Very eager to create, without a doubt. Once she started drawing and painting, no one could stop her. She made more than 5 works in the session! And for her, facing the nothingness of the blank paper and starting with the first stroke is a piece of cake.

Freedom by Teresa

We would define him as a meticulous joker. His working technique was to produce little but work on the details. Between strokes, he would elicit smiles from his colleagues Claudia and Tamara, who couldn’t stop laughing at his witty remarks.

Freedom by Raul

He loves to write and it showed in her work which contained words. She loves it so much that a few years ago she taught poetry courses to some of her colleagues. In the workshop, she wanted to talk about how freedom is life, and life is always duality and equality.

Freedom by Miquel

He loves poetry and is learning to play the piano. Writing is when he feels free as he is able to connect with what he feels. He started out very motivated, but after completing two works, he decided to take it easy.

Freedom by David


Quiet and focused on her work, it’s evident that she enjoys drawing as her smile accompanied her throughout the entire work session. She’s not afraid of color, and that is reflected in her artwork.

Freedom by Anabel

We introduce all of them to you since they will have a fundamental role this summer. We have a project in hand that, without them, would make no sense.

We’ll tell you more soon 🙂

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