Scarf Against Women’s Cancer 5th edition


Happy, very happy to write this post on our blog. Once more, we continue our fight against women’s cancer and today, International Breast Cancer Day, we present the 5th edition of this scarf. A project that was born five years ago as a collaboration between Judit Mascó, artist Clàudia Valsells and Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus.

The project aims to raise funds to find a cure for those types of cancer that mainly affect women and to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Women’s cancer features:

  • breast cancer
    (with more than 32,000 cases per year, this means 28% of all cancers diagnosed)
  • cancers of the corpus uteri, ovary, and cervix
    (10.5% of diagnosed cancers)

We want this scarf to be more than a accessory, we want it to be the symbol of those women fighting cancer and of all the people who want to support them.
The scarf in this new edition continues to maintain its XXL format but varies in design and colours.

 Scarf against cancer for women

We want to review some of the most relevant data from this past years:

  • More than 210,000 euros raised
  • 2 funded research scholarships: one scholarship dedicated to research into cancers that primarily affect women
    and another aimed at creating support groups and emotional management to accompany patients

Natura takes care of production costs and donates 100% of the profits.

scarf costs


Thanks to all of you who have collaborated during these five years. Thanks to those who are going to do it this year.

Take action and buy yours!


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