Natura’s 30th anniversary party


A few weeks ago we celebrated our 30th birthday party. Yes, a party, because good and important things in life should always be celebrated. The party took place at La Ricarda, a unique place just 15 minutes from Barcelona. A private estate of 135 hectares, which houses a lagoon surrounded by marshes and pine forests that belong to Red Natura 2000, so they are protected by European regulation.

The party was set under the theme “NATURA FAIR”. Rides and food trucks allowed everyone to decide freely what to do and when to do it. “We wanted it to be a shared experience. We wanted to share laughs with our colleagues on a mechanical bull or anecdotes after going through tarot cards. In the end, what unites us in life are the experiences we share,” says Sergio Durany.

A magic night where we ate, drank, danced and laughed under the moonlight.

Thanks to DJ Janse for making us dance and enjoy.

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