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Skinmarks: In your own skin

15 Oct, 2018

Skinmarks claims the beauty in an “imperfect” body, the beauty in the difference. A tribute to skin as the visible part of the invidible.

Our marks –stains, scars or simply what we call “imperfections”- tell us a story and teach us to love the error, the difference. Skinmarks is a series of 5 real stories. 5 people who explain through their skin their memories, experiences and learnings.


Alba (Congenital Nevus). Proud of her body, Alba tries to raise awareness and normalize bodies that don’t fit into traditional beauty norms.



Yulffi (first Spanish albino model). Physically different. But, in the end, aren’t we all different?



Eva (9.000km by bike). From Tarifa to North Cape by bike, a journey that has left many marks in her skin.



Joana (idiopathic scoliosis). 15 years ago she had surgery for idiopathic scoliosis. She used to hide her scar. But now she understands that, what made her insecure, now gives her self-love and personality.



Nil (collar bone fracture). His passion for sports has left his skin full of scars.


For this campaign we worked with creative director Mar Ordonez“With this campaign we want to claim the beauty of imperfection, of uniqueness. Every mark in our skin is a piece of our personal story. Of everything we have experienced.”

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