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My watch from Damascus

My watch from Damascus still tells me the time. I bought it, six years ago, in one of the little antique shops that surrounds the exterior of Omeya's great mosque. In a trip that had the purpose of taking pictures of the distinctive features of some of the cities with major influence in the Mediterranean culture.
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[ Natura News, what inspires us ] 24 Mar, 2016


Michael Andreas Haeringer is a twelve years old child. A child like all the others, except for a singularity: he has an extraordinary talent for the piano. From an early age, playing the piano is a necessity for him.
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[ Natura News ] 18 May, 2014

The brain of the heart

It seems that, according to some scientific studies, the heart has a brain. It was found that the heart contains a separate and well-developed nervous system, with tens of thousands of neurons and a large network of neurotransmitters. The heart sends the brain more information than it receives.
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[ Natura News ] 8 Nov, 2013