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The months of hunger in Angola – Natura Award

27 years of civil war in Angola have made it the longest war in Africa. This has meant that Angolans have lost their homes, their crops and ultimately, their lives. CODESPA is going to be able to continue working to change this situation. The objective is for these rural farmers to be able to access a low-cost storage system which allows them to keep their harvest for longer and therefore, guarantee that they have enough food to see out the “months of hunger”.
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[ Natura Award ] 9 Mar, 2015
Sol Solidari1-1

Solar energy in Burkina Faso

One of the Natura Award winners in 2012 was Sol Solidari, awarded € 10,260 for its solar electrification project in schools in Burkina Faso. We recently received their report about the implementation of this project, and we want to share it with you here, also thanking Sol Solidari for their great work.
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[ Natura Award ] 12 Feb, 2014
África nos mira

Prize-giving of XIX Natura Awards

During the last few days, members of the NGOs that won the XIX Natura Award for development projects have come to our head office. We lived there very emotional and unforgettable moments, in which it was shown, once again, the harmony between all people involved in this award.
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[ Natura Award ] 18 Dec, 2013

XIX Natura Award winners

A decision has recently been reached regarding the nineteenth Natura Award, which since 1994 has recognized and thanked the work of many people and organizations, and which has been supporting humanitarian aid and nature protection projects. This time, the winners have been three entities, with different projects in Ethiopia and India.
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[ Natura Award ] 4 Dec, 2013
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Natura Award: you make it happen

By the end of this November the XIX Natura Award, which is approaching its 20th birthday, is expected to be granted. This award will go to the entity or entities that, according to he selection panel (comprised of members of Natura, who receive advice from professionals in the evaluation of cooperation and development aid projects), best contributes to the defense of nature and humanitarian aid.
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[ Natura Award ] 22 Nov, 2013