Natura Award: meet this year’s winners


The Natura Award is an acknowledgement and a sign of admiration towards all those projects and people who work day after day in order to create a positive impact somewhere in our world. We have been supporting more than 70 projects since. We have this year’s winners!

Do you know how the selection and voting of the award is carried out?

An outside consultant takes care of reading each submited project, scores each of them folowing a guideline and selects the finalists.

The next step is the voting. Everyone that is part of Natura gives his or her vote.

Each year the fist places are very hard-fought and in 2017 we’ve seen a very tight result.

And now, meet the winners:


Livelihoods for refugees

The project’s aim is to promote the self-sufficiency of the refugee population in the Kakuma camp (Kenya), supporting the implementation of productive businesses and contributing to women refugees having greater decision-making power.

What does it solve?

Reverting the situation of the refugee population, which feels a lack of identification and uncertainty, and giving alternatives to generate an economic activity.

Discover more about ACNUR here.


niñas en situacion de calleRights for girls living in the street:

The Asha-Kiran Foundation wants to provide an alternative and a future for girls in the streets in India, and support the staff that makes possible the proper functioning of the host home. Provide education, giving health coverage and working the family environments.

What does it solve?

It is a bridge between the street and the public health system for girls who live in poverty, alone, homeless, lost or orphaned. It guarantees accommodation, permanent attention and security. It favors schooling, improves health and nutrition conditions and awareness in the family (if any).

Discover more about the Foundation here.



trabajo infantilBasic literacy project to prevent child labour:

This project wants to fight child labor exploitation in the brick factories of Pahassaur, India, through education.

What does it solve?

It aims to end child labor and generate education, health and community resources for the population that works in these factories. At the same time, it includes awareness activities for families and for the owners of the factories. The project also includes a nutritional side.

Discover more about the NGO here.


This year’s price is 93.722€, and it will be distributed among the three winning NGOs.

At Natura we give great importance to the monitoring of the project, so we will inform you of how they are progressing.

To get to know the winning projects of previous editions, you can enter

Thank you for making it possible!

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