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they don't want to surrender

They don’t want to surrender

They know us since a long time ago. They know the name of most of our most famous idols. They know we have jobs that allow us to have comfortable lives and valuable things that they can't have. And that we live far away. But not too far for them to not try to approach us.
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[ what inspires us ] 29 Apr, 2016
the tibetan

The Tibetan

The Tibetan has many stories to tell, but to him these stories aren't interesting, he doesn't like to tell them because he doesn't want them to interfere, as a romantic barrier, between him and the truth he is still looking for.
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[ Projects, what inspires us ] 22 Apr, 2016
imagen de cabecera del post sobre cómo elegir una vela aromática en la tienda de Natura

My watch from Damascus

My watch from Damascus still tells me the time. I bought it, six years ago, in one of the little antique shops that surrounds the exterior of Omeya's great mosque. In a trip that had the purpose of taking pictures of the distinctive features of some of the cities with major influence in the Mediterranean culture.
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[ Natura News, what inspires us ] 24 Mar, 2016

The months of hunger in Angola – Natura Award

27 years of civil war in Angola have made it the longest war in Africa. This has meant that Angolans have lost their homes, their crops and ultimately, their lives. CODESPA is going to be able to continue working to change this situation. The objective is for these rural farmers to be able to access a low-cost storage system which allows them to keep their harvest for longer and therefore, guarantee that they have enough food to see out the “months of hunger”.
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[ Natura Award ] 9 Mar, 2015

The salt of the earth

For the last 40 years, the photographer Sebastião Salgado has been travelling through the continents, in the footsteps of an ever-changing humanity. He is now embarking on the discovery of pristine territories, of wild fauna and flora, and of grandiose landscapes as part of a huge photographic project which is a tribute to the planet’s beauty.
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[ Art & Culture ] 17 Nov, 2014

The last time

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? Do you remember the first time you met the love of your life? Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember the birth of your first child? Do you remember the first time you travelled by plane, the first time you walked on the snow, the first time you watched a sunrise, the first time you wrote a poem?
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[ Uncategorized ] 26 May, 2014

It’s never too late

Walter Seton Bunker, a veteran of World War II, came to Xavier University (Ohio) in 1946, ready to graduate in Art. Walter Seton Bunker just graduated cum laude a few days ago in college. He can be seen on the picture, so excited because he is collecting his title. Walter Seton Bunker is 90 years old and suffers from lung cancer.
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[ Uncategorized ] 22 May, 2014


Michael Andreas Haeringer is a twelve years old child. A child like all the others, except for a singularity: he has an extraordinary talent for the piano. From an early age, playing the piano is a necessity for him.
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[ Natura News ] 18 May, 2014

Nobody is normal

In 2000 opened in Rome the Girasoli restaurant. Apparently, it's a pizza place as any of the hundreds that exist in the Italian capital. But this pizzeria has a feature that makes it different from all others, so it becomes unique: all its waiters are people with Down syndrome.
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[ Uncategorized ] 11 May, 2014


Boredom has a very bad reputation. You just need to go into Google and search "quotes about boredom" to realize about that. You can read there that boredom " is the act of losing a point in your life", "is the direct path to obesity", "is not finding a way to enjoy life", "is a vice of the brain", "is the first step to desperation"...
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[ Uncategorized ] 7 May, 2014
gato caja

Live cat, dead cat

The Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger conceived in 1935 an imaginary experiment about one consequence of quantum mechanics. Schrödinger proposed a system that is formed by a closed, opaque box containing a cat; inside the box, a bottle of poison gas and a device, which contains a radioactive particle with a probability of 50 % to disintegrate at any given time, so that if the particle decays, the poison is released and the cat dies.
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[ Uncategorized ] 4 May, 2014

Locks of love

The "locks of love" are padlocks that couples around the world placed on bridges or public infrastructure to symbolize their eternal love. This custom was born in Pécs (Hungary) in the nineteenth century; there, the soldiers stationed in the city as a souvenir left tied the padlock on the closet of his room.
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[ Uncategorized ] 30 Apr, 2014
Gota de brea

Nine drops

After 87 years, researchers at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, have been registering the ninth drop falling in a bowl. 13 years, four months and 33 days have passed since the fall of the eighth drop. The longest scientific experiment in history has taken a new step.
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[ Uncategorized ] 27 Apr, 2014

April 23rd

As Wikipedia informs us, April 23rd is the 113th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (114th in leap years). We also know that on this day, St. George, or Sant Jordi, or San Jorge, is celebrated. Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia, Aragon, England, Germany, Ethiopia, Georgia, Lebanon, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal...
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[ Uncategorized ] 23 Apr, 2014


Boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who spent nearly twenty years in U.S. prison for three murders he did not commit and whose story inspired a famous song by Bob Dylan, died today in Toronto (Canada) to 76 years age. Carter died after a long battle against prostate cancer.
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[ Uncategorized ] 20 Apr, 2014

A slap

A man who was to be executed in Iran for murder received the forgiveness of the victim 's mother when he was in the noose. Photographer Arash Kamooshi captured the scene when he went to photograph the execution of a 20 year old, Balal, for a murder committed when he was 13.
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[ Uncategorized ] 18 Apr, 2014
obreros viga

Work, work, work

From now on, in France will be forbidden to send work emails outside working hours. This measure comes from an agreement between two unions and two sector employers in technical consulting, engineering, computer services, human resources and consulting.
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[ Uncategorized ] 14 Apr, 2014
message bottle

Message in a bottle

101 years later, it has been found a message in a bottle thrown to the sea. Richard Platz sent the message to the Baltic in 1913 and last Monday it was returned to her granddaughter after a fisherman found him. This message in a bottle has travelled the seas has finally reached its destination, more than a century after it was launched to the Baltic Sea.
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[ Uncategorized ] 10 Apr, 2014


We should be happy. That thing, which humanity has always tried to reach, seems to have been achieved: a group of mathematicians claims to have found the formula for eternal love. Finally. This is a dream come true. Love forever, that's what everyone wants and hardly anyone gets, is here thanks to mathematics. So, we should be happy.
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[ Uncategorized ] 6 Apr, 2014

We have a dream

We all dream, even when we are awake. Dreams are necessary as motivation and escape. None of the great works of all types that mankind has given would have never been possible if they had not been dreamed of when they seemed impossible. We need to dream. We need dreamers.
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[ Uncategorized ] 1 Apr, 2014

Doctor House

Doctors at the University Hospital of Marburg (Germany) got a patient diagnosed thanks to the House series. The patient began to feel sick in mid-2011 with 54 years: he began to lose hearing, also lost vision, and it came a persistent fever, but any infection was found.
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[ Uncategorized ] 27 Mar, 2014

Three centuries

Misao Okawa is the oldest person in the world. Since last Wednesday she is 116 years old. Born in Osaka, Japan, on March 5, 1898, and her family was engaged in the manufacture of kimonos. She married in 1919 and had three children, four grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Okawa is one of five people alive today who were born in the nineteenth century.
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[ Uncategorized ] 9 Mar, 2014