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they don't want to surrender

They don’t want to surrender

They know us since a long time ago. They know the name of most of our most famous idols. They know we have jobs that allow us to have comfortable lives and valuable things that they can't have. And that we live far away. But not too far for them to not try to approach us.
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[ what inspires us ] 29 Apr, 2016
the tibetan

The Tibetan

The Tibetan has many stories to tell, but to him these stories aren't interesting, he doesn't like to tell them because he doesn't want them to interfere, as a romantic barrier, between him and the truth he is still looking for.
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[ Projects, what inspires us ] 22 Apr, 2016
imagen de cabecera del post sobre cómo elegir una vela aromática en la tienda de Natura

My watch from Damascus

My watch from Damascus still tells me the time. I bought it, six years ago, in one of the little antique shops that surrounds the exterior of Omeya's great mosque. In a trip that had the purpose of taking pictures of the distinctive features of some of the cities with major influence in the Mediterranean culture.
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[ Natura News, what inspires us ] 24 Mar, 2016